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Other furnaces

Roller hearth furnaces

In roller hearth furnaces, the material is transported on rollers straight through the furnace. This means no load carriers need to be heated and you can reduce heating costs. This type of furnace achieves excellent results in a wide range of applications, for example annealing forged products and rolling mill heat treatment. Excellent insulation also ensures low energy consumption.

The furnaces are fired with energy-saving gas pulse-fired or flat-flame burners.

Please simply contact us with any special firing or design requirements.

Continuous pusher furnaces

Continuous pusher furnaces have two openings, one on each side, for loading and removing workpieces. They are ideal for thermal and thermochemical processing of large numbers of small pieces, and for long pieces. The material is pushed or pulled through the furnace in baskets.

Gas pulse-fired or flat-flame burners provide effective and efficient firing.

We also manufacture a wide range of models to your specifications and requirements.

Pusher-type kilns

Pusher-type kilns are often required in the ceramics and chemical industries. One example of this furnace type is a 3-zone system with one section each for preheating, firing and cooling. The material to be treated is transported through the heated furnace on a fireproof bracket.

Pusher-type kilns are fired with gas pulse-fired or flat-flame burners.

Do you require a special pusher-type kiln design? Simply contact us.

Walking beam furnaces

In the steel industry, walking beam furnaces are generally used for heat-treating blocks, slabs and billets. Löcher can draw on extensive experience and state-of-the-art technology to ensure smooth and reliable operation. Firing from the top and bottom with gas pulse-fired or flat-flame burners provides the best possible heat.

We can design your walking beam furnace to meet the specific requirements of your plant.

Elevator hearth furnaces

Elevator hearth furnaces are ideal for longer workpieces such as rods and shafts, providing excellent heat treatment with even temperature distribution. The specific technical design will depend on the requirements of the product to be treated and is customised on that basis.

Firing is with efficient gas pulse-fired or flat-flame burners.

Drying furnaces

This type of furnace can be used to dry off water or solvent, and also for long-term hot storage of workpieces. Drying furnaces have short heating times and high output potential thanks to the large temperature ranges they offer. Modern firing systems guarantee process reliability and cost savings.

Simply contact Löcher for a quote for your customised drying furnace.