Industrieofen- und Apparatebau GmbH

Bogie hearth furnaces

Löcher bogie hearth furnaces are designed to be robust and low-warpage and are fitted with excellent sealing systems. Bogie hearth furnaces are used mainly in forges and for treating premium products. The seals at the sensitive areas, bogie hearth and door, are perfectly designed to effectively separate furnace atmosphere and ambient air. A heat exchanger that uses the waste heat returns energy to the process by pre-heating the combustion air.

Löcher Industrieofen- und Apparatebau has already produced bogie hearth furnaces up to 24 m long and 7 m wide, with charge weights of up to 500 tonnes (unit weight) at 1350°C. The temperature precision offered by our furnace systems is recognised by the aerospace industry.

Does your ideal furnace involve specific dimensions and temperatures? We can build a model to meet your exact requirements. Simply contact us!